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  1. Cryena
    Version: 2.0.0
    it's amazing this man managed to make a game entirely from scratch AND for it to be able to have goddamn MULTIPLAYER FUNCTIONALITY on such a limited development tool is astonishing

    i mean i wasnt able to find a game with actual people, but i wont doubt it's there
  2. Anonymous
    Version: RC5
    Had a chance to play this during the community Binary Blackout mvm event, and wow this was a cool map. Great Mayan environment, destructible tank paths, interesting robot flanks and nice twists and turns to break up some flat areas.
  3. Anonymous
    Version: b4a
    I played this a while ago with a friend, "Guardian" 2 players and all. It was a fun spinoff mode, and the map has a lot of thought and effort put into it for just 2 players. Looks great, plays well, overall expertly put together for an otherwise niche mode.
  4. Katsu! :3
    Katsu! :3
    Version: B3
    I played this with 5 of my friends the other day and it was suuuuuper fun. The zombies are really cool and unique, the custom guns that were on the server were really unique and added a lot of strategy, and the map itself was just cool! (Spine-tingling?) All the missions are really tough too, so it was fun learning how to take care of all the different parts of waves. Oh also the survivor mechanic? That's Awesome!!! And definitely needed as we kinda struggled here lmao. Definitely a great map though. Lots of variety in what kind of strategies you can do that actually *do* work if you're skilled enough! (Blutsauger omg) High-tier stuff for sure :)
  5. Rhamkin
    Version: b53
  6. Dhonex
    Version: a1b
    Great Visuals, interesting gimmick and extremely good map in general
  7. Squeezit
    Version: RC2a
    This is incredible, I'm really glad to see this in a finished state and done so well! I have a lot of good memories playing on the early version around when it first came out. Knew it had a lot of potential when it came out but it was a shame to see Valve abandon it.

    5/5 for lovely detailing work, and for it being a very comfy map in general.
  8. KNOS
    Version: 2021-12-18
  9. Anonymous
    Version: rc4
    I liked the old tr_newbots.
    But I like this one better.
  10. Hweepo
    neat little thing.
  11. MastahDizzy
    Version: v5
    Considering I've played this map often on VSH servers for a good chunk of time, I definitely gotta say I like how the layout allows for different classes to move around the Hale, while the boss can reposition from one section of the map to another a bit faster, thanks to the layout using more heights than width.

    The visual style also feel, as expected, very nostalgic, with a good amount of visual jokes and references incorporated, while maintaining the gameplay fairly readable, despite the chaotic feel that old-school Mario Kart maps had obviously.

    The fighting is overall pretty straight forward, although the cloud on the top of the level design can allow for a fair bit of stalling if left unchecked by the boss, since players can attack through it (due to it being an intangible platform), and the Engie Nest can also become fairly difficult to break through without rage (although using loopable taunts can get real useful to prevent Huntsmens from locking you down, although it is unintuitive to perform Taunt Stun Canceling for less experienced players).

    The Hale can also visibly stall and fish within the Bottom Pipe or any spawn, although it can sadly be said from a lot of VSH maps !

    On a more positive note, the boost panels are a big time game changer since the boss can use the momentum from Super Jump to gain drastic speed with it, while the other players can use movement options of their own to throw the Hale off both through these same panels, or thanks to the different platform from within the layout, making the map pretty clean for movement mix-ups, although not very noob-friendly.

    At the end of the day, the map have some flaws, who may partially exist due to the way VSH works in most servers, but as far as it goes, it's a pretty fun map to play on, and some of its quirks can make it especially unique to tackle a fight within, whether it is for its nostalgia factor, or for the options the layout gives you !
  12. MastahDizzy
    For Vigil in Payload
    Version: RC8
    I remember playing this map at multiple occasions, both on casual and competitive settings, and honestly, the layout is pretty clever.

    The defense that can be attacked through a few branching paths, yet can remain solid thanks to the different heights that the map uses throughout, and attacking players can really pick their fights when it really comes down to it.

    The multiples slants and ramps also allows for a fair bit of movement teching (especially with things like pogo jumping or trimping), while classes with more limited mobility like Heavy or Sniper can benefit from the different ledges that are scattered throughout the layout !

    At the end of the day, the map feels pretty accessible while allowing different mains to showcase their knowledge of the map and their class in pretty creative ways, all while respecting the art direction of the old-school OG TF2 from 2007, which is pretty cool if you're askin' me !
  13. MastahDizzy
    Version: a5
    The layout allows for a good variety of playstyles to be effectively applied, no matter if your team is winning or losing, with interesting routing for both flank and center, which allows for intelligent mix-ups when the player gets to learn about the subtleties of the (current) level design.

    The intended theming is also pretty original (even if the map is obviously still a WIP), and it still manages to feel balanced despite a few positions being fairly tough to access for most classes.

    If anything, there's not a lot I'd personally change from this map aside from obviously finishing the visual aspect of it, which is generally a pretty good sign that the level design is actually fun to play on.

    Overall, I'm looking forward to see the finished version (or to even help on it if possible !), although I'm not willing to 5 star a map before seeing it being properly finalised lol

    Good job nonetheless !
  14. ★ Conga ★
    ★ Conga ★
    Version: b7
    I'm not sure what gives this map it's unique charm, but it's always been a fun map everytime i've played on it.
    There's so much space for movement, with enough corners and flanks for engineers, pyros & spies.

    It's large which allows harder waves to be played and it's a classic.

    I looked for the event version of this map but it seems like it comes in the same download so i'll update my review here; but the event version is wonderful too.

    Hunting around, going to the underworld portal, the rare spellbook & fighting halloween bosses to go to their loot island feels like fantastic minigames while still staying inside of the MvM gamespace.
    Everytime people hear the underworld portal open they rush into to hope to be the first one in, and there's usually at least one person looking at the rare spellbook spawn at any given time.

    It's really refreshing having these "minigames" of sorts to play around in and makes for an excellent event map. Encapsulating what, in my opinion, ghosttown could've been
  15. Hellnickell
    Version: 2021-12-19
    i love the bread monster's design
  16. Anonymous
    Version: B7
    I loved Ashville back in the day, and I wasn’t much of a koth fan either. Coalplant’s pretty similar bar some balance changes (notably shorter gap between spawn and CP), prettier visuals (but Ashville still has that nostalgia factor), and I suppose is the successor to Ashville. It’s a cool map, but is official inclusion worthy?

    I don’t know, I liked the bigger map size of Ashville for pubs, and good comp maps don’t automatically equal good official 12v12 maps. I wouldn’t mind seeing Coalplant added though, definitely would love to play it more. This layout inspired future koth maps too and I think that’s praiseworthy of 5 stars.
  17. Anonymous
    Version: B7
    Played this in a 4v4 league long ago. I found it forgettable despite the cool airplane themes, but serviceable nonetheless. I’d play it again for sure, it just didn’t give me a lasting impression to remember the map by gameplaywise.
  18. Anonymous
    Version: B22
    Fuzzy memory, but I played Metalworks in 6s scrims before it was an official map. Was a fun map, straight forward, clear sightlines promoting skillful teamfights and strategies. And it’s set at night, how awesome is it to have nighttime competitive maps? Plays well in pubs too (or casual it’s called now?), my favorite part of the map would be the last to 2nd point interiors.
  19. Dhonex
    Version: b3b
    Very nicely done