Alpen rc1

Made by Bloodhound

  1. Bloodhound

    pl_alpen is a one stage payload map using the alpine theme.

    Current Version: RC1

    Map Overview (2MB) (RC1)

    More Images:

    I've been working on this since Summer 2011, this is also the reason why there a some major layout problems that can't be fixed, except by recreating the whole thing. [​IMG]

    This is the first map that I show to the public.
    In half of the development progress I thought about scraping it and continue with a new one.
    But I decided to finish it,because I want to prove myself that I'm able to do so.

    The name "alpen" basically means "alps" in german.

    Thanks to all testers.
    Special Thanks:
    Aidelos Radoc Xeramon
    Plaza Kampfkater Hasso Cacao
    Nextra .sileZn iLLzTaR
    Barracuda Hannihalfer Onkel Pyro
    MangyCarface, for his great Frontier Essay.
    bob+M|M+ for some great feedback.
    takkYu (Schlachtfestchen) for testing.
    GHQ Community for testing.
    Big thanks to eerieone for helping me with optimization and file size.

    And of course YOU, for reading this and for giving me some feedback.


    1. pl_alpen_rc1_1.jpg
    2. pl_alpen_rc1_2.jpg
    3. pl_alpen_rc1_3.jpg
    4. pl_alpen_rc1_4.jpg
    5. pl_alpen_rc1_5.jpg