Retreat b1

a CSF map by MangyCarface

  1. MangyCarface
    CSF Retreat (capture some flags) features a fast-paced flag race set among the abandoned-til-recently ruins of the Mann Bros' retreat destinations.

    There are 3 flags per team which must be captured sequentially to win. There is a 7s delay after capture before the next flag is made available.
    First flag has 10s return time, followed by 20 at B and 30 at C.

    Thank yous to all my testers, as well as Icarus for the awesome hud icons and Rexy for the Mann brothers statue; prestige, yyler, ym etc for advice; Frozen for testing and administrative help


    1. ctf_retreat_b10000.jpg
    2. ctf_retreat_b10001.jpg
    3. ctf_retreat_b10002.jpg
    4. ctf_retreat_b10003.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. tyler
    Version: b1
    Brilliant redux of ctf_estate on a smaller stage. Fantastic reimagining of CTF. This map turned prestige into a CSF devotee and he never looked back. Play at your own risk!