CTF Meltdown

CTF Meltdown b6

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CTF Meltdown b6

(Formerly Aurora) Battle underneath the crackling magnetosphere!

Dodge inbound enemy waves as you push your briefcase through to the opposing goal!

Pull off the delivery and you'll be teleported safely back home for another go!

Shmitz- Intel bases
FLOOR_MASTER - Distinguished feedback
Unnamed Valve employee - Entity fixes
Dispenser help - Suna
Aurora particles - Exactol
Ice textures - Freya Holmer
Ice models - DivaDan
Frontline Team
Bulletcrops Team
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First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

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Latest updates

  1. B6 Revisions

    Changelog: -Detail pass to revamp spawn locations for visibility at primary objective -Detailing fixes in mid and base interiors per feedback -Fixes to clipping throughout per feedback - including making thin railings non-solid for bullets...
  2. B5 Revisions => Rename to Meltdown

    Total overhaul (WIP) of capture areas: New spawn positions and flow Improved paths from fort facades to capture area Broadened play space for additional class interaction Additions throughout to enable engineer and sniper gameplay Extensive...
  3. B4

    Visual improvements to profiles of bases, skybox, lighting (Aurora particles credit Exactol) Dispensers on intel (credit Suna) Smaller geometry fixes favoring attackers during last push