Relay2 a2

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oh no he's still working on it
  • Renamed map to Relay2
  • Added announcer warnings when the bomb is approaching a point
  • Health and ammo adjustments
  • Lighting improvements
  • Changes at A:
    • Rebuilt Blu spawn
    • Rebuilt the point to be in a building
    • Rebuilt the interior of Blu's side building
    • Rebuilt the A->B connector
    • Adjustments to cover
  • Changes at B:
    • Rebuilt the A->B connector
    • Adjustments to cover
  • Changes at C:
    • Adjustments to routing
    • Adjustments to cover
  • Bomb logic changes:
    • Reduced explosion radius to 256 (down from 384)
    • Capturing the point with the flag now counts as a flag capture for the carrier
    • The arrow on the HUD when carrying a bomb now points at the active capture point
    • Bombs 2/3 now show a timer when first spawning, to show when they will become available
    • Bombs 2/3 spawn 15 seconds after previous point capture (up from 10 seconds)


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  • Respawnwave times for both teams reduced to 6 seconds (down from 8) after A is capped
  • Bombs 2 and 3 now spawn 10 seconds after the previous point has been capped, instead of instantly
  • Voice lines now play when the bomb(s) first enable
    • This applies to both setup time, as well as when bombs 2 and 3 become available
  • Updates to Bomb logic:
    • Bombs can no longer damage Blu team buildings
    • Fixed PD dispensers on bombs disabling and never re-enabling after first detonation
    • Fixed issues where capture points could still be captured while blocked if:
      • The bomb was dropped in the capture zone
      • The bomb carrier was killed in the capture zone
      • The bomb carrier left the capture zone with the bomb
  • Changes to final:
    • Widened area by 256hu
    • Added added new routes
  • Fixed control point props not being set to the correct skin on capture
  • Fixed teams not switching on round end if Red won
  • Lowered respawnwave times to 8 seconds (down from 10) for both teams
  • Lighting adjustments
  • Health/Ammo adjustments
  • Updates to Bomb logic:
    • Bombs are now set to Attack/Defend mode (they glow blue now)
    • Added proper voice lines for bomb pickup/drop/return for both teams
    • Fixed capture points being unblockable
    • Rebuilt logic to not rely on tf_logic_cp_timer's OnCountdownStart output
  • Changed map prefix from ctf to ad
  • Increased the size of all three capture zones
    • Some geometry has been slightly changed to accommodate this, most notably at final
  • Red Team can now block captures by standing on the point
  • Increased explosion sound volume and audible distance
  • Added goal strings for both teams
  • Increased explosion raidus to 384 (up from 256)
  • Added sounds to let players the bomb is about to explode
  • Bomb logic fixes:
    • The bomb no longer has a item_teamflag_return_icon above it when dropped
    • Fixed the bomb being able to kill players through walls
    • Fixed the bomb killing players near the drop site when respawning
    • Fixed the explosion sounds not being placed at the explosion site
    • Fixed explosion particles going off at the drop site as well as the explosion site
    • Fixed being able to stand on the pickup site to extend overtime if the bomb detonates in overtime
  • Lighting improvements