Relay2 a2

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Relay2 a2

A spiritual successor/remake of Relay, now with 300% more bombs

You Have A Bomb And It Is Going To Explode Unless You Reach The Point Before It Goes Off.

The moment you pick up a bomb, the clock starts ticking. No matter what, no matter where, the bomb will go off when time is up, killing you and everyone nearby. You can only cap points when you have the bomb, but you cap instantly.

A spiritual successor/remake of Relay, my old 7.2 hour map. You can see the similarities if you squint really hard.

Bits of the logic are from @Suna's Single-flag Invasion Prefab and @Muddy's Attack/Defend-CTF Hybrid Prefab, with a bunch of bits from me.
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Attack/Defense CTF
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Latest updates

  1. A2: Finally some geometry changes

    oh no he's still working on it Renamed map to Relay2 Added announcer warnings when the bomb is approaching a point Health and ammo adjustments Lighting improvements Changes at A: Rebuilt Blu spawn Rebuilt the point to be in a building Rebuilt...
  2. A1C: Even More Logic Fixes

    Respawnwave times for both teams reduced to 6 seconds (down from 8) after A is capped Bombs 2 and 3 now spawn 10 seconds after the previous point has been capped, instead of instantly Voice lines now play when the bomb(s) first enable This...
  3. A1B: More logic fixes

    Changes to final: Widened area by 256hu Added added new routes Fixed control point props not being set to the correct skin on capture Fixed teams not switching on round end if Red won Lowered respawnwave times to 8 seconds (down from 10) for...