Redrapids A4a

A small Yukon-themed payload made for the Payload Checklist Contest.

  1. A4: Major changes

    -RED now spawns in a different location than in previous versions until B is capped (this nulifies the "Spawn never moves' check, but luckily the map actually met, and continues to meet, the "Cart goes over hazard" check due to the hazard finale); RED spawns in a new room connected to the interior of the building that unlocks when B is capped
    -Doors between former RED initial spawn (now C and D spawn only) and window building to A deleted entirely, interior of to-A building reworked to compensate (stairs reworked, doors into/out of it no longer lock on A cap, etc)
    -Added a new side area outside of BLU's spawn, including a fourth exit from BLU's spawn
    -Reworked the saw building at A to compensate for previous change, one-way door moved to the railing ledge and a two-way window shutter put in its place
    -Changed the huge blue building (with the parts that unlock when B is capped) to be red to make it more unique and to compensate for the moved RED initial spawn
    -Added one-way exit out of aforementioned building onto the BLU forward spawn platform to give RED another exit out of the building (the nearby locked door has also been unlocked so that RED can actually get out of their spawn area properly
    -Added better cover to the B area in general
    -Changed locked door in A-to-B tunnel on B's side to a one-way to curb spawncamping
    -Ramp up to roof highground at B removed, roof still accessable though
    -Adjusted doors near C to reduce dead-ends
    -Made the C-D spawn exit that originally locked when B was capped into a one-way door that locks when C is capped
    -Added new side-area to the left (BLU's perspective) of the C-D RED building
    -Added cave going to the isolated wooden platform at D from the new side-area
    -Removed route from C-to-D staircase passage to railing platform connected to new side route
    -Added one-way door to the underground boiler room favoring BLU to prevent RED from going all the way to BLU forward spawn unseen
    -Added shutter with large lip value to the D-side of the C-to-D payload track tunnel that opens when C is capped to block a weird sightline
    -Changed health and ammo in certain locations
    -Adjust RED spawntimes

    Instead of posting screenshots here as usual, I'm replacing all the screenshots in the main thread due to the sheer number of new screenshots and changes since the originals were taken.
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