Redrapids A4a

A small Yukon-themed payload made for the Payload Checklist Contest.

  1. A3

    -Some more textures, because why not
    -Some more roof edges, also because why not
    -Adjusted RED spawn times based on which points have been capped
    -Added a one-way door to the white building between A and BLU's first spawn
    -Aforementioned building got a slight redesign to compensate for the new door
    -Added an easily-accessible roof area near B favored towards RED
    -Changed the window route at last to be a full-on balcony with doorway
    -Added a wooden wall to the railing balcony at last to block view of the staircase to the aforementioned upper balcony
    -Changed the concrete ramp in the underground room between C and D (under RED's spawn) into a ledge, to reduce RED players flanking into BLU weirdly
    -Added a third exit from RED's spawn leading to D. This exit pops out from the room RED enters when they're first heading to A. To compensate for this, the doors to this room from RED's spawn no longer lock when A is capped, but the one-way door out of that room on the upper floor locks. This third spawn exit unlocks when C is capped.
    -Possibly other things that I forgot

    20181123232925_1.jpg 20181123233103_1.jpg 20181123233010_1.jpg 20181123232829_1.jpg
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