Redrapids A4a

A small Yukon-themed payload made for the Payload Checklist Contest.

  1. A2 Changes

    -Toned the sun down a bit and changed the angle slightly
    -Extended the distance between the first rollback ramp and blu's spawn a bit
    -Made the thin accessible roof between B and C inaccessible, but added a one-way passage through it onto a small balcony that unlocks when B is capped
    -Changed the cart tunnel between C and D to be rectangular + support beams
    -Added a dropdown into the later part of the aforementioned tunnel from the window room above
    -Added a third floor to the aforementioned building accessible from the second floor, leading to a window pointing towards the general D area
    -Made the shack at D accessible by all classes via wooden ramp
    -Nobuilded the crane platform
    -Adjusted visuals near the crane and finale part of D
    -Fixed RED spawn points enabled when A is capped not being disabled when C is capped
    -Increased setup time length to 60 seconds from 45
    -Possibly more that I can't remember

    20181118183804_1.jpg 20181118183914_1.jpg 20181118183602_1.jpg
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