Multi Stage Red Shift, B a7a

Multi-stage gravelpit

  1. I can build in setup area Update

    gameplay fixes.
  2. CompilePal hates materials\overviews and Patch shader Update

    valid message
  3. Layout #12 Update

  4. Turbine Update

    Area A - changed last area.
    Area B - new route to last point, more space on first point.
  5. B stands for Data Center Update

    Area A - transition between A and B points.
    Area B - exists.
  6. Alpha Electic Update

    New layout.
  7. Bpdate

    B and A - changed last area layout

    Still no info_observer_points on B and C.
  8. Red update

    Renamed 'Blast pit' -> 'Red shift'

    Less sharp skybox light.

    B and C is now ready (no info_observer_points currently)
    A - one-way route to last.
    B - last is template.
    C - last is template.
    11 hours for 2 territories. looks legit.