rd_uplink a5b

A Robot Destruction map set around a satellite uplink outpost.

  1. RD_Uplink - Alpha 5b

    -Fixed areaportal error in entrance to core room near RED spawn
    -Added even more optimisation stuff
    -Edited the A robot path slightly to make them spend more time around exposed side of the trucks, to allow attackers to get at them just that little bit easier
    -Updated .nav file
    -Fixed some overlays not displaying under health and ammo in core vault side room
  2. RD_Uplink - Alpha 5a

    -Fixed clipping issue on blue side
    -More optimisation
    -Fixed missing overlay under health in mid
    -Added clipping on the gate bits between A and B
  3. RD_Uplink - Alpha 5

    -Totally reworked the L-shaped building between A and B into something that will hopefully allow defenders to push back a bit better when enemies overrun A (it was too easy for the attacking team to push into A and keep the opposing team holed up behind the A-B choke)
    -Worked on some optimisation

    So, it's really late and I should be going to bed right now, I'm just putting this up so I can get the edits tested, can't provide screenshots or the usual video right now. I shall get around to it...
  4. RD_Uplink - Alpha 4

    Totally reworked. I had to change a lot, so really and honestly this is almost a different map entirely. Kinda feels bad, because I liked what I had before, but it sadly just wasn't working, and besides RD needs a linear map for the little thief tracker to even work. Setting is changed, though the idea of it having to do with connection to satellites is still present, now being a location along a cable pipeline with a radio tower and satellite dish at mid.

    -Linear design instead of...
  5. RD_Uplink - Alpha 3

    -Moved C robots to where the a2 spawn locations were, making a more open area there
    -Lighting changes in core room, along with small skylights added in said room
    -Moved spawnrooms back into the base a little more
    -Changed a few small things to create better player flow
    -Added a few more overlays
    -Removed a medium ammo pack from blue team's B room that I forgot to delete when making a2 originally
    -Removed the crouch-jump obstacle that made it more annoying to get into core room end of vents...
  6. RD_Uplink - Alpha 2

    -Spawns were moved a bit, back into the base, in a whole new corridor that starts from old spawn location, goes past window overlooking B area, past spawns, and down a ramp out to new courtyard linking to B (mentioned again later)
    -B room was expanded
    -B robot paths are slightly shifted
    -B room has a few crates added, existing one moved
    -The ramp just inside the front door to B has been removed.
    -Small route that once connected A to B has been lengthened, now the route connects from A to a...
  7. Fixing broken rd_uplink_a1a

    Fixed the issue, and this time I loaded it up to confirm it's all working before uploading.
  8. RD Uplink update, A1A

    -Made it so red team can't open the blue team spawn door anymore (messed up filter name)
    -Added patch overlays on the ground under the ammo and health pickups
    -Added a window on both sides of the little building in mid to make it clearer there is a medium health pack inside
    -Made the vault lighting prop show up when the core isn't taken
    -Hopefully stopped the blue C robots from getting stuck outside the spawn doors trying to go under the ramp into the vents
    -Packed that missing texture