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rd_uplink c1

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rd_uplink c1

A Robot Destruction map set around a satellite uplink outpost.


Hi, yes I finally finished this!! This is placeholder text to change at some point I guess, but yeah.
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Robot Destruction
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Latest updates

  1. Version c1 (complete 1)

    Well, finally, at long last. A definitively complete version of this map... been working on this for so long, and to finally get what I can call a complete version out the door feels rather strange. Here's hoping that nothing is broken! Thanks...
  2. RD_Uplink - Alpha 5b

    -Fixed areaportal error in entrance to core room near RED spawn -Added even more optimisation stuff -Edited the A robot path slightly to make them spend more time around exposed side of the trucks, to allow attackers to get at them just that...
  3. RD_Uplink - Alpha 5a

    -Fixed clipping issue on blue side -More optimisation -Fixed missing overlay under health in mid -Added clipping on the gate bits between A and B

Latest reviews

Block off the areas around spawn where players can jump in and die & possibly add more props/decorations around the map to make it feel less flat. Otherwise this seems like a very solid map!