RampRun a5a

a koth map for the 72 hour jam

  1. Mathtriqueur
    20190803235143_1.jpg Capture c.JPG 20190803235108_1.jpg 20190803235143_1.jpg 20190803234841_1.jpg 20190803235023_1.jpg Capture c.JPG 20190803235108_1.jpg Capture c.JPG Capture c.JPG 20190803235108_1.jpg Capture c.JPG (the image is a placeholder.)

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  1. Mid changes 2
  2. mid changes
  3. basic polishing uptade

Recent Reviews

  1. Charlie 2
    Charlie 2
    Version: a3a
    Mid Is A Bit Hard To Retake But Other Than That And Some Visual Issues It's A Good Map
    1. Mathtriqueur
      Author's Response
      I modified the map a bit in the latest version which blocks off the balconies that over look mid and also the single opening that both teams share at mid. hopefully that should reduced the mayhem at mid. also tried to rework some of the pack placements and cover to allow for a better flow.