pylon a1

Attack/Defend map set in a desert powerplant

  1. ~curlysnail
    Pylon is an attack/defend map set in a desert somewhere. Lore coming when map is in later stages I guess.

    You may be thinking- Wait Curly, didn't you release a different map like, a week or so ago? And my answer is yes.
    I suffer from new-ambitious-mapper-syndrome and I keep trying to make things above what I can do.
    Timber was gonna have a bunch of complex geometry that I was never gonna be able to do. Pylon takes the ideas from Timber and makes them way, WAY simpler. Pylon has fairly simple geometry and not much 'natural' space which is easier for me to work with. But anyway, here's some pictures!

    20170914023029_1.jpg 20170914023042_1.jpg 20170914023050_1.jpg 20170914023057_1.jpg 20170914023104_1.jpg 20170914023116_1.jpg