koth_sandsweep a11

An Upward themed koth map, originally for the 72hr summer jam.

  1. ~curlysnail
    I made Sandsweep for the 72 hour jam with the goal of making a fully working map that wasn't overscaled like the one I made before it.
    I failed.

    UPDATE- Slowly getting back into tf2 and mapping, so decided to remake this one and see how it goes. It's probs horrid.

    - Added a flank over the death pit at the back of the map, connecting the two teams cave routes
    - Main route out of spawn thinned
    - General clipping/ geometry smoothing
    - Lighting in caves tweaked
    - Rock lighting fixed
    - Areaportals!

    20190207154811_1.jpg 20190207154822_1.jpg 20190207154830_1.jpg 20190207154845_1.jpg 20190207154907_1.jpg 20190207154911_1.jpg