Pumpkinseed a1_reupload

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Pumpkinseed a1_reupload

non-gimmicky Halloween, can you believe it?

Aaand yet another KotH map.

(Hopefully a) submission to the TF2 Workshop of Horrors (thanks Frozone for bringing it up in chat)

A non-gimmicky Halloween map :O
Detailed early because if the gameplay turns out well, I want to bring this to Beta by Halloween-time.

Known bugs:
-Arrow facing the wrong way, stupid mirror symmetry.
-Forgot to use mirror prop rocks
-The sun and the moon are both out! At night!
-Forgot to flip around concrete block props
-Forgot to desolidify/playerclip two railings
-Forgot to flip around light prop (see sixth screenshot)

Notes to self:
-Mid is probably too open/complex

2015-09-19_00016.jpg 2015-09-19_00020.jpg 2015-09-19_00023.jpg 2015-09-19_00024.jpg 2015-09-19_00026.jpg 2015-09-19_00027.jpg 2015-09-19_00030.jpg 2015-09-19_00032.jpg 2015-09-19_00033.jpg 2015-09-19_00036.jpg
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    Reuploaded because my failing aspirations will one day be realized. Any second now.