[Prefab] Stop the Cart

[Prefab] Stop the Cart 1.1

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[Prefab] Stop the Cart 1.1

Experimental dynamic CP gamemode

Three separate carts, each carrying a Red-owned CP, roll slowly from Red spawn to Blu spawn.

Red objective:
Defend the carts as they move towards Blu base. Win condition: a cart reaches the end of its track

Blu objective:
Stop the carts permanently by capturing their CPs. Temporarily slow a cart to half of its max speed by standing on its CP. Win condition: all three points are captured

Design notes:
  • Carts begin moving automatically when the setup timer ends.
  • Due to the nature of this gamemode, a master round timer is impossible to implement. Consider other ways to convey round time, such as audio cues when a cart reaches a certain milestone along its track.
  • Each cart is equipped with a team_train_watcher outline that disables upon capture to help players locate the carts that are still active.
  • Large env_sparks are enabled under a cart's wheels when Blu is standing on the control point to indicate that it is moving at 50% speed. This is controlled via a Blu-filtered trigger_multiple, and not capture progress.
  • TF2 rarely has more than two concurrent objectives; this mode has three. Maps should probably be relatively small with interlacing tracks so that players can move between objectives easily.
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  1. Prefab release

    Cleaned up and released the prefab.