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(popfile) Vindicated Vices V20

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fixed wave 5 having wrong medics
//-changelog V14:


//Made heater buster faster
//Removed the sanic-speed from snipers

//-wave 2-downgraded the ubermed giant soldiers to non-buff bannered ones, replaced one of the tank giants with a buff varient
//-wave 3-tomislav heavy miniboss moved to the start of the wave and removed a medic and a giant scout, deflector pyros do 0.1 damage now, toned down the eviction heavy spawn rates
//-wave 4-removed half the steel guantlets and 1 giant backup soldier from the end of the wave
//-wave 5-Deflector heavies do 1.0X damage now, swapped out their krits medics with uber medics
//-wave 6-reduced Boss HP and removed the medic boss, I'll find a use for him one of these days... Gave him a giant medic instead
//-changelog V13:


//Money increased to 600
//Spy buster has 500 HP now
//Fixed Vacc medics
//added a new buster type
//Fixed shield medic boss

//-wave 2-Tank HP nerfed to 20000, tank soldiers respawn delay increased to 7
//-wave 4-Tried to speed up the first part of this wave and redid a good chunk of it, reduced sniper respawn rate, loch demos are now sniper missions (trust me, it works)
//-wave 5-removed the giant krits medic, reduced overall QF medics, boss HP lowered to 15K, altered delay to be less to make up for the boss being easier
//-Wave 6-removed 2 giant medics, replaced giant backups with buff banners, swapped out support backups for conches, added sniper support and increased max support scouts, delayed shotgun boss
//-changelog V12:


//Backup direct hit soldiers now just use the backup icon
//Fixed bonk buster not drinking bonk, busters now spawn in their spawn and have a longer cool-down (Later in the misson, you may get spy busters thou spawning in a random spot, watch out :p)
//Altered the Shotgun soldier and shield medics to function better

//-wave 2-soldiers spawn a bit sooner and increased max count by 5, tank HP buffed to 25000 (from 15000)
//-Wave 5-reduced medics by 6, reduced spawn count, reduced spy rate, and cut down 1 giant krit medic, unsquaded soldier giants
//-Wave 6-completely reworked this wave, the bosses are now part of the wavespawn and appear near the end, altered them all completely
//-changelog V11:


//Medic Vacs don't grant 100% protection anymore (90% deplayed, 25% passive), but do always pop at the start.
//Wave 4's sniper support has been altered to have a giant cow mang soldier

//-Wave 4-swapped one of the tri soldiers for the cow mangler one for variation