(popfile) Vindicated Vices V20

Vicious vices nearly rebuilt from the ground up

  1. AND another one!

    Custom icon for the boss, and wave 4 spies are not as strong
  2. and another one

  3. -just a quickfix

    only one spy was fixed, now both are
  4. V20

    //-changelog V20:


    //Removed the crutch spy's attack speed bonus

    //Wave 3-Proper Boss icon, kinda
    //Wave 5-Boss HP reduced to 35000
  5. V19

    //-changelog V19:


    //Removed AlwaysCrit off krit medics
    //Removed all modifers off the small Tomislav heavies
    //Renamed the Babyface scouts again

    //Wave 2-Replaced the pyros with dragon fury pyros (skill easy), replaced the uber medic with a quickfix one, replaced the quickfix medics on the tomislavs with shield medics
    //Wave 3-made no fly zone more noticable and he has his own icon, replaced the spies with kunai DR spies
    //Wave 4-Tank has Skin 1, one more pair of the 3 enemy...
  6. V18

    //-changelog V18:


    //This is likely going to the last version before I get strike 3-so a few things before V18:

    //This is every changelog in the popfile since I remade the mission, I scraped the older changelogs
    //I have been working on this mission since April, and you can see how many versions it has gone through, I am going to be very upset if this gets DQS, I might even pull it from download
    //I've also been working on new mvm maps, so losing this is going to be a major blow...
  7. V17

    //-changelog V17:


    //Lowered Loch bullet to 50% and greatly Lowered Loch explosive resists to 10% on top of the shield (they already have the shield and I tend to forget that adds damage resist)
    //All giant Meds HP buffed to 4500 (again, I thought they had less to be honest)
    //All Giant Banner soldiers have extended banner now (should have had that to begin with, I guess I missed it, my bad)
    //Removed "Riot" from shield medic's name, "Charging Cabers" renamed to "Charging Caber"...
  8. V16

    -changelog V16:


    -Don's firerate has been made a bit faster

    -wave 5-Nerfed the pocket medics and reduced effects
    -wave 6-fixed a end-of-wave glitch
  9. V15

    //-changelog V15:


    //Reduced Stolen Chips Runner gains minicrits instead of crits, they do alot of damage once they get crits, too much.
    //reverted bat icon back to scout_bat
    //Heater Buster no longer shoots bullets

    //-wave 2-Reduced delay at the end of the wave, added conches to subwave 1 and scouts spawn at random spawns
    //-wave 3-Pocket Scouts firerate reset back to normal, swapped to wave 4
    //-wave 4-Removed the Giant Cowmang sniper because it didn't really need to be there,...
  10. V14b

    //-changelog V14b:


    //-wave 5-Added 2 giant cow mang soldiers to the 2nd subwave, changed the normal giant soldiers into cow mangs