(popfile) Vindicated Vices V20

Vicious vices nearly rebuilt from the ground up

  1. V14

    //-changelog V14:


    //Made heater buster faster
    //Removed the sanic-speed from snipers

    //-wave 2-downgraded the ubermed giant soldiers to non-buff bannered ones, replaced one of the tank giants with a buff varient
    //-wave 3-tomislav heavy miniboss moved to the start of the wave and removed a medic and a giant scout, deflector pyros do 0.1 damage now, toned down the eviction heavy spawn rates
    //-wave 4-removed half the steel guantlets and 1 giant backup soldier from the end of the wave
    //-wave 5-Deflector heavies do 1.0X damage now, swapped out their krits medics with uber medics
    //-wave 6-reduced Boss HP and removed the medic boss, I'll find a use for him one of these days... Gave him a giant medic instead
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