Pointless Arena v1


  1. The Letter Before A
    Basically arena without a point.
    After two minutes health is disabled and all players receive mini-crits.

    Possible Questions:
    Won't asshole cloak and dagger spies just hide the entire round?
    -Yes, but even that gets boring. Teammates will just rat them out after being dead for a while.

    What maps would this even be functional on.
    -Any koth/arena map probably. Just you know, delete the point.

    What does "fttd" even mean?
    Its a WIP name it stands for "fight to the death".

    To change the sound played when crits are enabled just go to "fttd_sound_critenabled"
    I'm using thunder for shipping. By default it uses the noise played during the heavy "boxing taunt".

    Since this uses arena logic mission briefing will be that of arena.
    Just change the mission briefing if this bothers you.

    Have fun!