Plum A6b

A fast paced koth map

  1. Bunbun
    A small koth map
    suitable for 4 v 4

    -Made yard in front of spawn bigger
    -Made mid slightly bigger
    -Moved death pit
    -Fiddled pickups
    -Higher skybox
    -Moved point out of the building
    -Easier access to the point
    -Fixed several doors
    -Fixed displacement

    -Changed skybox to make everything brighter
    -Added more height
    -Added a sniper building between point and the building in front of spawn
    -Shit ton on remade stuff
    -Added some extra health kits
    -Shrunk the building in front of spawn
    -Everything designed to be more fast pasted
    -Map looks kinda different

    -Moved sniper deck out of the building
    -Rearranged pickups
    -Added cover to the point
    -More flanks
    -Added a lower route around the point
    -No more drop downs
    -Removed annoying height around the point

    A4 fix
    -Fixed players getting stuck in spawn
    -Made point smaller
    -Shrunk some areas
    -Better signs

    -Added height near the point
    -Made mid less open
    -Killed a bunch of shite-lines
    -Added health packs to the point

    -Built a building over point


    -Players can access to height before they get to the point
    -Added windows and chicken wire to some walls
    -Less health at point
    -Briefly textured some areas
    -Made battlement leading to point less chokey
    -Detailed both spawns cos why not
    -Made some routes less 'dangerous'


    -Minor changes
    -Made pickups less hidden
    -Made some areas a bit roomy


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