plt_bayoudome a3

A tap-to-go payload based inside a biodome in space

  1. a2 stuff

    Construction Zombie
    Notes are considered from attacker perspective unless specified.
    • the first area received a displacement facelift, grassy bits and all.
      • the right flank has been closed in a bit.
      • the first checkpoint changes defender respawn time to 3 seconds (previously 9) to put everyone inside the 2nd area a bit more.
    • there's a bit more defender cover in the 2nd area.
      • new route, between the staircase near attacker forward spawn and the 2nd capture point.
      • capturing 2nd sets defender spawn time back to 9 seconds.
      • defenders have a bit more high ground cover in 2nd.
    • last's flanks have been changed:
      • new left flank, going between the underside of 3rd high ground and to last checkpoint.
      • right flank has been changed from a dropdown to a set of stairs
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