72hr pl_timewarp 2016-02-01

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72hr pl_timewarp 2016-02-01

Travel Through Time! (not really yet)

Submission for the 2016 72 hour map making jam.

Payload map where players escort the payload through a time portal!
Once the payload is inside the portal all players outside will be killed and re spawn in the vortex. Once the payload crosses the time rift into the other side players will spawn outside the time vortex to deliver the payload in the same area only in the future! (except it does't look anywhere as cool yet)

This version is full of gameplay and design issues, the map was created quickly with little testing so be aware of that when playing. This is currently the first available version.

Had custom textures, packbsp gave me errors so I took them out, so now the portal looks like a tv.
hl2 2016-02-01 02-31-32-92.jpg

hl2 2016-02-03 12-55-19-36.jpg
hl2 2016-02-03 12-55-25-83.jpg
hl2 2016-02-03 12-55-43-61.jpg
hl2 2016-02-03 12-55-49-11.jpg
hl2 2016-02-03 12-55-53-29.jpg
hl2 2016-02-03 12-56-09-49.jpg
hl2 2016-02-03 12-56-16-75.jpg
hl2 2016-02-01 02-31-32-92.jpg
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