pl_runoff a3c

Destroy RED's reservoir!

  1. Minor adjustments and fixes

    * Prevented engineers from building underwater or in the little nooks under the bridge before point 2
    * Tweaked lighting in some spots
    * Removed one of the bridges before point 3
    * Added another way onto the upper level near the last point
    * Reduced the size of the sentry spots near last slightly
    * Removed a couple walls near point 3
    * Reduced the liklihood of RED being spawncamped
    * Added more cover for BLU on the last point
    * Added a few ammo/health packs
  2. Fixed a major visual bug

    Fixed a critical visual bug near point 3
  3. Runoff A3

    * Redid almost the entire layout to address major issues with the first design

    * Focused on scaling and verticality


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