pl_redmesa a17

balance hell

  1. a17

    -Left side flank in last is only usable for blue now, but jumping classes can access it
    -Fixed a long sightline tiny gap in the 2nd point
    -Fixed broken I/O in the 3rd point red's spawn door when blue caps

    (I'm aware of the skybox rendering glitch, I appreciate the feedback, i'm not ignoring it, is just that I got better priorities right now, i'm still trying to see if the map is fun and balanced overall)
  2. a16

    -Closed the B point high ground flank
    -Placed the one way door in C forward, and added a window so is possible to go back to the main path quickly
    -Opened up more a flank in C
    -Moved even closer a flank to the blue side in last
    -Added a additional exit to the forward spawn of blue and made it less of a doorway hell
  3. a15

    -Removed the lower flank in last
    -Added a one way door for red to enter the 1st point, opens for both teams when 1st is capped (this was because blue could easily get to the red spawn)
    -Added back the 1st point cliff flank stair, and opened the fence again, this serves as a sentry nest counter, since sentries can't reach there (from what people said and I've seen atleast)
    -Added a extra route for the one way door in C, so is less risky
  4. a14

    Major problems seems to be at the moment that red can horribly flank blue and be behind really easy, some sniper sightlines, and from what i've seen red takes way too long to spawn and that lets blue roll everything
    And some people say that is "a discount badwater", well it took a lot of influence of it, but I don't know if it is really a bad thing..
    This is being a hell to balance

    -Replaced the "jump class filter" in C with a actual walkway that red can drop of from, blue scouts and jump...
  5. a13

    -Shortened last's cliff flank, but no longer has a cliff. Will be even closer if it continues to feel disconnected from the main path
    -Replaced dev texture crates with a ramp in the high ground of 2nd point
    -Added hazard decals to signify rollback zones
    -High platform flank from 3rd point now can only be acceded by soldiers and demos
    -Fixed red spawn door opening down and not up
    -Changed blue forward spawns distances
    -Fixed being able to stand above the choke of last

    (Some people tell me to...
  6. a12

    -Moved 3rd point red spawn to high ground
    -Added uphill paths for the payload in key areas of the map
  7. a11

    -Reworked 1st, 2nd and 3rd point flanks
  8. a10

    -Adjusted 1st point flanks so they are easier to defend
    -Added path to highground for red in the 2nd point
    -Added forward spawn for red in the 3rd point
    -One way door in 1st and 2nd point now shows a sign of no entry if you can't pass through
    -Fixed getting stuck in the one way door mentioned above when 1st was capped
  9. a9

    -Added a additional route for blue to last
    -Fixed "pixel walking" behind some fences
  10. a8

    -Made a wall for the first blue spawn so snipers can't shoot your feet (that's kinda funny tbh)
    -Added a new area around 2nd point, makes a decent second hold position and makes the area less cramped, also a faster route for attackers
    -Added a stair to the 2nd point flank so is not a one-way dropdown
    -Moved the final control point ahead a bit
    -Moved pickups in the cliff flank room closer to red's side in last, so if blue controls that area is easier for red to retake it