pl_redmesa a17

balance hell

  1. a3

    -Reduced blue team advantage on first point
    -Added ramp to the 2nd point flank, so its more used and replaced the doorframes with a one way door
    -Added a fence to 2nd point to prevent a sightline
    -Flipped a elevated platform ramp so is easier for red to defend the 3rd point when the cart is past the big doorframe (or choke, I don't know how to call it)
    -In the feedback page they refered as "cubby" to a spot in the flank in the 3rd point, and I though they refered to the one near blue first spawn, I deleted both of them
    -Changes to last point cliff flank, now attackers don't have high ground, some say is spawncampy, I will try to keep the fence I added and let's see if that works, in my opinion without this flank it would be very hard to take out the sentries
    -Added and changed blue forward spawns for 2nd point and 3rd point
    -Fixed getting stuck in red first spawn door if blue captured 2nd point just when you were exiting
    -Added more cover for blue first spawn
    -Reduced sightline from last point high ground to the bridge in the choke
    -Minor layout changes and minor pickups placement changes
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