72hr Jam 2022 pl_pushnowboomlater b2

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72hr Jam 2022 pl_pushnowboomlater b2

A Payload map with a small twist on the end

pl_pushnowboomlater is a map for the summer 2016 72h jam, It's suppose to be set in a red industrial area. The goal: Blow up the coolant control for reds operations. There isn't a hole to push the cart into, so the bomb has been slightly altered to make up for that. When the bomb enters the blast zone, it will activate a 30 second timer, If the bomb is still in the zone after 30 seconds, KABOOM!
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Jam - Final Version

    This is the final version for the jam, Not too sure if i want to get back to this after the jam, Anyhow heres what changed: - Removed the roof thing on first, It was way too OP for red and took up too much gameplay space - Fixed some error...
  2. pl_pushnowboomlater_a3

    changed name to: pl_pushnowboomlater_a3 - Fixed Setup time not really being setup (fast medi charge) - Reverted back to 60 second hold - Added 2 flanks - Added textures - Fixed being able to get stuck in reds fowardspawn door.
  3. a2

    updated to a2 - added flanks - reduced hold timer from 60 seconds to 30 seconds