pl_hydropower rc4

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Major update includes these changes:
-Updated sightlines in most areas
-More detailing in red forward spawn and some in blu first
-Brighted up more areas
-HDR enabled
-Clipped all doorways (?)
-Reverted bomb to stock bomb cart
-Aligned most textures complained about by nit-pickers
-General improvements
-Tried to improve fps in areas complained about fps loss.
-More overall detailing/sightline improvements
-Made info_observer points only on capture points instead of all over the map.

I hope you all like this update. Thanks
Update today: rc3 (or whatever you darn kids call it these days)

-Various changes to flank routes
-Visual updates
-Textures updated for the nit-picking
-Added alien themes around the map
-Closed off office again
-Possible fps improvement
-General improvements and sightline improvements(?)