pl_hydropower rc4

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pl_hydropower rc4

A one stage payload map based on the theme of tc_hydro and cp_powerhouse

Hello! This is my first ever payload map.
It's theme is based on tc_hydro and cp_powerhouse

Please post any feedback you have after playing the map, thanks!

This is a 1 stage payload map with one forward spawn for each team.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Major improvement update

    Major update includes these changes: -Updated sightlines in most areas -More detailing in red forward spawn and some in blu first -Brighted up more areas -HDR enabled -Clipped all doorways (?) -Reverted bomb to stock bomb cart -Aligned most...
  2. Hydropower general update

    Update today: rc3 (or whatever you darn kids call it these days) -Various changes to flank routes -Visual updates -Textures updated for the nit-picking -Added alien themes around the map -Closed off office again -Possible fps improvement...