pl_flatlands afinal Reupload

Continuing my first map.

  1. NotSoHoriz
    "Here's a touchin' story, Once upon a time" I joined TF2maps. I was new to everything I didn't know how everything worked. This group had many events that tested everyone's maps and contributed to TF2 and the Steam Community, and it was great. So I decided to make my first map, a payload, pl_detextured. Things did not go right when it was uploaded, no screenshots, no lighting, various leaks. And I took the good time to fix it and test it at IMP. It was, in two words, Not Good, bad in fact. There were many gameplay issues and it turned out very buggy. So I made a new map off of that pl_not_eotl, a joke map. Turned out to be even worse, chaotic, and not worth testing as seen in a few IMP's. So I decided to get everything together, and make something that was more serious, not like the last two maps and to use Hammer to remaster my first map. So here it is, pl_flatlands, flat with a flat brush but is still under development, now with screenshots. Thanks for the criticism given to this map concept, and big thanks to all of you. Sorry I messed up. "The end."

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