pl_carapace a2

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Alpha 2 and my official submission for the 2020 Summer 72 hour mapping jam.

  • Reworked Point A providing red move cover from spawn
  • Added flanking path at D to avoid the spam fest that occurs on the final push
  • Added a shortcut drop near forward blue spawn that leads to the D once C has been capped
  • General increase in lighting across the full map
  • Added more signage where appropriate
  • Updated Item patches
  • Added more health and ammo at D for defensive and offensive engineers
  • Players can no long trigger the destruction of the payload by jumping into the final pit early - resulting in an invisible cart
  • Replace Cart with ABS's prefab - should remove the announcer bug constantly telling red that the point is being captured
  • Fixed the sparks not being parented to the card
  • Fixed Game Rules parameter spelling mistake
  • Clipped around the roof tops


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