pl_badwater_pro v12

An edit to pl_badwater to address competitive concerns with the map.

  1. New Year, New Iteration!

    First things first, big thanks goes to UGC Kumori for gathering and facilitating feedback over the Holidays!

    This version of pl_badwater_pro contains a couple changes to help RED hold second, as feedback indicated it had become too weak of a hold in comparison to standard pl_badwater. The changes include the reintroduction of the one way gate from A to B rooftop that was in versions prior to v10 and the removal of the barricade in B alley.



    The other major change in this update is a new staircase in Tires that leads to the spiral staircase at last point. This is an experimental change meant to provide more routes for BLU to push and flank from. Given that this is the entirely untested change in this version, special attention will be paid to feedback on how this affects RED's last defense.

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