pl_asteroidstation a10

What rd_asteroid should have been: an actual game mode.

  1. adds a spawnroom

    ads a spawnroom
  2. Rebalances point B

    Rebalances point B, also makes blu spawn points flip 180 degrees when setup timer ends.
  3. Fixes lighting and adds hangar

    The fences surrounding the blu base have been replaced with a hangar allowing engineers a bit more privacy setting up their gear, and fixes the lighting so that you can actually see now.
  4. adds a little balcony and makes alternate routes less big

    adds a little balcony and makes alternate routes less big
  5. Fixes

    - Makes the basement area look different
    - Added another branching thing
    - Removes HL2 textures
  6. Nerfs blu

    Well, blue was winning pretty much every time. So I changed things up. Red now has more forward spawn-ness, and I changed the layout of area outside blu spawn! Also added some conveniences such as making it so that walking off the railing outside red spawn no longer inflicts fall damage.
  7. Signs and stuff

    - Adds signs
    - Adds some particle effects to blue spawn
    - Added a room where there was once a junction of tunnels
    - Fixed a few displacement sewing issues
    - Fixes a playerclip issue with one of the tunnels
    - Adds a few side tunnels
  8. Fixes a few playerclip fuckups.

    The small tunnel that goes into aboveground area had a playerclip passing through it. Also, make it so you can't get stuck between the arch and the fence.