Pilfer a11

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Removed mid control point
Gold bar are now neutral for anyone to grab
Edited Gamemode. No longer uses janky cores to gain points. Owning the center control point now automatically scores the point
Reworked Intel area
Fixed the door
Fixed the doors
Blocked some super long sightlines going across mid
Moved the dropdown door slightly to the right
Blocked off dead space under spawn bridge
Massive changes
too massive
very large
Added additional health packs around mid
Changed ramp up the train
Added doors to the intel dropdowns
Added windows overlooking the intel area
Changed intel dropdowns from circle to square
Players now spawn on the second floor
Blocked ridiculous sightlines cross mid
During the first 60 seconds after the point is first captured, gold spawnrate is doubled.
Reduced max points from 200 to 150
Rounds should be a lot shorter now
Fixed door not opening
Readded sounds
Proper version
Dropdowns are larger
Intel now has patch to indicate where it spawns
Changed how players get up the mid orecar
Area around the point is now more spacious
Changed gamemode prefix
Added boxes players can use to jump up the sniper deck at mid
Added two risky medium health packs around mid
Removed the large health pack. It was unfortunately not very useful. Rest in Peace. We will remember your contribution in all 4 previous versions.
Removed emotional ties with the large health packs
Added voicelines
Changed the opposing team's entrance to intel area
Added a door that slowly opens before one way door
Added ramps to get on top of gold cart
Made the jump from intel area to dropdown much more difficult
Reduced capture time to 3 seconds
Added a one way door to intel area
Reduced final countdown to 10 seconds
Changed to night time