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PD Capsule A6c

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- changed the path on the left (on blue side, right on the red side)
- added clipping
- changed pickups to the yellow skin (thanks, for the logic)
- added more light_spots
- Thats about it. I think
- changed around some geometry
- made spawn rooms smaller
- reduced respawn timer
- uhhhhhh
- bot work on this map (sniper and spy bots only though)
- pick up + drop sounds of pickups
- um uhhhhhhhhhhhh.
- I don't know
- Need more feedback to actually improve it
- fixed accidental HDR compile
- I swear I've updated this map
- Maybe I just dreamed about it idk
- Oh nvm, I was thinking of my 2fort event reskin which you can check out on my steam workshop and tf2maps page
- removed the constant incoming! voiceline when capping (It didn't work like it should have)
- clipped the beams in the main building
- fixed spawn room issues
- fixed broken path_track
- fixed unlinked track
- fixed kill box
- complete rework of gameplay space
- i have no idea what im doing
- replaced the two points with one dynamic point
- added custom voicelines using
- modified rooms
- added custom capture point icon


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this should be the right version
uploaded wrong file. whoops