Payload + Checkpoint Tunnels

Payload + Checkpoint Tunnels b5

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Screenshot 2023-11-20 225610.png

Added spectator cammera.
Screenshot 2023-11-20 225346.png

Unblocked sniper window by B.
Screenshot 2023-11-20 225255.png

Improved ramps.
Fixed bug where player gets stuck on the rock.
Screenshot 2023-11-20 225658.png

changed all small brushes to func_detail.
Screenshot 2023-11-20 225502.png
Screenshot 2023-11-20 003856.png
Added fance barrier nere A.
Screenshot 2023-11-20 004547.png
Changed most of reds base frome blue to red.
Screenshot 2023-11-20 004348.png
Added doors and windows

Screenshot 2023-11-20 004506.pngScreenshot 2023-11-20 004441.png

Removed big midel rock in the back.
Screenshot 2023-11-20 004652.png
Added bridge in the back.
Screenshot 2023-11-20 004232.png
Fixed bug, where second jump pad launched player against a wall.
Added 3D skybox.

Added house in back area.
Screenshot 2023-11-16 234031.png

Added wllals to hide.
Screenshot 2023-11-16 234152.png

changed controle point capture time from 3 to 5.

In this Update we addede and changed big and small things.​

Added Health and ammo-packs.
Added more details. (props)
Added window to blue spawn.
Made B longer.

Added backjard to stage 2
Screenshot 2023-11-16 015131.png

Added a ramp up to the controlpoint.
Added a trench.
Screenshot 2023-11-16 015236.png

Added new area in the back with a ramp to the roofs.
Screenshot 2023-11-16 015329.png

Changed controle point capture time from 1 to 3.
Added secend Jump pad.
fix bug where cart gets stuck on doors.
Added map detail.
Tunnels is a map where you play a mix of Payload and Checkpoint.


1. main batel ground.

2. side area by stage 2->3.

3. back area and fithing area fore stage 1.

4.(not marked) smale area to push te cart trou.