pass_geyser a2b

Pass time map set aroud a geyser in Iceland

  1. Fixed all of the jank

    Updated to version a2b
    • Deleted Blu spawnpoint in Red spawn.
    • Fixed the shortcut door.
    • Raised Goal A by 64 units and goal B by 32 units, to make it harder for scouts to score from the low ground.
    • Increased ball spawn time from 25 seconds to 33 seconds in order to slow the pace after a goal and allow the teams to regain control of their side of the map.
    • Fixed bad outputs from red goals.
  2. Fixed Jank

    Updated to version a2a:
    • Fixed Red team spawning in Blu spawn.
    • Fixed "Blu Forward state" being activated instead of "Red forward state" when Red team were in Blu territory. This meant Blu team always spawned in the forward spawns, and Red team had no spawnpoints and instead spawned in Blu spawn.
    • Spawnpoints no longer slightly overlaps - this means will spawn on the ground instead of in the air.
    • Added signs.
    • Reduced fog.
    • Cut a hole in a skybox wall so each teams base...
  3. Layout changes and bonus goal

    Updated to a2
    • Major changes to the layout:
      • Added bonus goal between the two primary goals - the bonus goal grants 3 points to the scoring team.
      • Simoustanly opened up the middle area to improve visibility and removed some excess space between the bridge and the spawns to shorten walktimes.
    • Added setup time and proper setup gates to allow engineers to set up defences and allow other classes than scout to engage in the midfight at the start of the round....