Outlaw (Stage 1)

Multi Stage Outlaw (Stage 1) a19

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-moved oneway aspect of the underground flank to the end of the tunnel connecting the flank room and train tunnel
-added a ledge accessible via the garage between A and B to give BLU better control of that zone
-slapped some little plank props on the chickenwire walls near A to make them more apparent that they're walls
-redid the saloon again: removed the whole second floor, yeeted the dropdown into the one-way tunnel and replaced with a much more direct staircase; this should reduce blu getting pulled all over the place and instead being funneled through the intended areas
-very light detailing fixes
-fixes that i did months ago and never published and also don't remember
-Added new outdoor flank connecting blue metal building to other side of A
-Funny window on A can no longer be moved through (but can still shot through)
-Readded one-way element to saloon up at the window
-Added health and ammo to bottom of saloon stairs
-Redid geometry of B side building to streamline the geometry a bit, but also eliminated the small doorway connecting it directly to the cap zone
-Sussy amogus balls
-Stage 2 is now live
-Redid saloon one-way area; saloon now has a second floor with a dropdown window as well as a dropdown directly into the one-way corridor that used to only be accessible when the train is going through the area
-Honestly idk wtf else I changed/fixed lmao, i can't rememberrrrrrrrrrr
-Stage 2 is nearly playable! :D
-Removed ammo from the strong sentry roof at B
-Shifted the one-way door in the saloon such that projectile classes and others can more easily deal with sentries in aforementioned spot
-Completely redid the visuals on RED spawn (Gravelpit my beloved)
-Adjusted geometry of the concrete platform near the train tracks at B to make stickies placed on them less effective at trapping train riders
-Fixed goalstrings to mention the correct number of capture points and the means of calling the train
-More detailing stuff
-Added annoying fire alarm
-More Stage 2 work (almost ready!!!!)
-Added diagonal pipe just outside BLU spawn to allow BLU to get on top of train from another location
-Reduced full health and ammo in shack at B to mediums; made slow door on shack instead always open
-RED has been acting weird ever since they nabbed that base near the train line, what are they hiding?
-Added smallish packs in tracks just near basement at B
-Fixed some clipping stuff and some visible nodraw
-Detailing adjustments
-Other stuff I forgot, as usual
-More Stage 2 work (still not playable yet, but soonish??? idk)
-Redid some of the detailing on B, mainly RED spawn getting a texture overhaul (still not entirely satisfied with it as rn its kindof weird how separated it is from the other buildings, might give it a complete visual redesign later)
-Fixed shit shack on stilts on B having a roof that was terrible for BLU to spam
-Lowered RED spawn time on B from 10sec to 9sec
-Other minor fixes
-Fixed one-way door trigger in saloon to receive a TouchTest input when the slow door in front of it finishes opening
Truth be told I actually arguably did more work on the yet-to-be playable Stage 2 than the actual Stage 1 this changelog is for. Regardless,

-Redid the whole oneway door building thing;
--The two-story building (1st floor boiler room, 2nd floor windows and oneway door) is now just outside area with a little ledge with ammo
--Oneway door is now on the saloon itself where the doorway going into the 1st floor/boiler room used to be
--The train route now goes into a one-way corridor that routes underneath the terrain and into the basement of the side building; this change in particular will hopefully funnel more BLU players into the side B building
-Adjusted saloon geometry to compensate for previous changes (a sightline that wasn't an issue before got opened up by this change)
-Made B cap zone platform slightly longer for similar reasons
-Bumped up RED respawn time on A to their original amount and bumped up their respawn time on B to be slower than their original amount
-Work on Stage 2 has now properly begun
-Miscellaneous small edits and fixes
-Other stuff I can't remember
-Updated map name from machems (dev name) to Outlaw (cool and based name)
-Slightly lowered RED respawn times on both points
-Train speed increased from 460units to 500units
-Altered blue metal building to have second-floor opening near main alleyway; hopefully this can finally encourage RED to hold forward a bit more
-Increased ammo near aforementioned changed from medium to full
-Added crate near stairs to main sentry spot at A to make a certain sentry spot less awkward for BLU to counter
-Added slow shutter to door connecting saloon to the concrete stuff leading to the one-way to encourage funneling through main rough more (this was originally why almost all of the doors on the saloon were slow doors, so this change aims to re-add this aspect of the saloon while still letting BLU enter it as soon as A is capped)
-Fixed a crack sightline over the train gates that let snipers snipe B from BLU's spawn yard (how the FUCK did I not find this sightline earlier??); this also fixes demos and such lobbing projectiles over the gates
-Map is now fully-textured (but definitely not fully-detailed, and many textures are certainly not final)
-Started actually prepping for Stage 2.
-No swimming

Nearly at a point where I can confidently start working on Stage 2! Please give me your thoughts, especially on B, so that this can happen sooner! <3