Osiris b15

attack/defend control point

  1. cp_osiris_b15

    I underestimated a few aspects involved with wrapping this map up so I have to split the final detail pass into two releases. This works out though because I made two quite large layout/gameplay refinements in B and C I would like to see tested. This should address most if not all of the gameplay concerns mentioned in the previous test. I did however get most of my final spytech detailing ideas in first draft form, some crude skybox detailing, and a first pass on red spawn...
  2. cp_osiris_b14

    I knew the previous version of B was a little awkward but I really didnt feel like fixing or changing it. However in the last test of osiris I had a really annoying underlying feeling there was something not right/fun about B. I said to myself "I feel like all ive done is die in a hallway". But I ignored it because I just wanted to finish the map. However towards the end of the test one of the players in the match said over the mic: "attacking B just feels like picking one of three hallways...
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  3. cp_osiris_b13

    Okay, change of plans!

    About two or three map versions ago I started to noticed a much higher than normal rate of rounds with complete blu team steamrolls over the whole map. Having just fixed the map being in a state of red holds every round it was definitely a little frustrating to realize. I was hoping the phenomenon was based in lack of map knowledge (new players in tests or map changes etc) but after almost 4-5 tests in a row on different servers/communities resulting in the same...
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  4. cp_osiris_b12

    Before we get to the update part of this post there is some feedback I received during my last test of b11 (a couple months ago) that I want to address. It was basically a few players saying the map would be improved via cutting one of the control points.

    Honestly - I mostly agree. However there are parts of me that disagree. I wanted to make sure these everyone knew these comments were heard because I actually spent quite some time debating whether or not I wanted to go through with such...
  5. cp_osiris_b11

    While I only got to test b10 for two rounds I feel I had a strong enough grasp on the changes I needed to make as the issues I noticed during the test were a little obvious and confirmed by a few of the testers playing the map.

    Someone mentioned during the last B playtest "ugh I keep getting flanked every five seconds". This was definitely something I noticed very quickly as well - it was just a constant battle of fighting scouts off your ass. So I went in and added some walls, removed some...
  6. cp_osiris_b10

    Same as b9 only I fixed a few glaring issues I missed -_-
  7. cp_osiris_b9

    This is not something I expected to do but after the previous map test of b8 it was pretty obvious B and A to B connector were really bringing down the map is a very large way.

    So I did a total revamp of both. I am extremely excited to test this new B and A to B connector as I feel it will be a massive improvement to the entire feel of the first two points. There might be a few awkward spots and some undesirable sniper sightlines but I wanted to test this area a little more open...
  8. cp_osiris_b8

    Historically B has given me the most problems in this map by a long shot. B usually seemed to be a fair bit harder to cap than it should, always had a slight feeling of deathmatchiness, and was a bit ugly in spots. (might still be a bit ugly in spots doe lel)

    I was willing to ignore these slight problems because the most recent tests I was doing never resulted in any of these problems.

    However in the most recent (b7) test I had what seemed like quite a few completely new players and almost...
  9. cp_osiris_b7

    I told myself I wouldnt do any more semi-major gameplay changes but I just couldnt help myself! This is absolutely the end of major gameplay changes as the next version of this map will be small fixes from b7 tests, a final detail pass, (including spawn rooms) a finishing of my skybox (almost done) and then its off to the workshop.

    On the last test of my previous map version Phi mentioned the final point as being "useless for scouts". Normally I find final points to be a little anti-scout...
  10. cp_osiris_b6

    B has remained untouched for the last few versions since it has been entirely trouble free over the course of C's revamp playtesting. However the latest test had some overly hard B difficulty feelings emerge again so I decided to add the one thing I felt it lacked with minimal changes needed: blu height over the point. This was also pointed out to me in the test for a nice little confirmation.

    I want to wrap this map up so this or the next version should the last version with gameplay...