Osiris b15

attack/defend control point

  1. cp_osiris_b15

    I underestimated a few aspects involved with wrapping this map up so I have to split the final detail pass into two releases. This works out though because I made two quite large layout/gameplay refinements in B and C I would like to see tested. This should address most if not all of the gameplay concerns mentioned in the previous test. I did however get most of my final spytech detailing ideas in first draft form, some crude skybox detailing, and a first pass on red spawn architecture/detail in so at least there are some new visuals to enjoy. I also want to keep an eye on the timer stuff in the map as it might need some overall lowering so the round is a bit quicker.

    The next version of the map will have all the final bells and whistles.

    Gameplay changes:


    -opened up whole right side area (as blu facing B) via removing one large stone pillar and a few fence props to feel less cramped and less like two hallways.
    -removed large sand retaining wall for more mobility in the area
    -removed tiny little shack hallway that went behind the pillar and converted it into a red sentry pocket
    -converted the back window wall behind the point to a large door that opens on capture of the point. This should remove confusion of the layout in the area and making pushing into the start area of C a lot easier
    -opened up the right one way door flank area for blu

    -removed one way doors
    -opened up the entire beginning area of C
    -added large retaining wall dropdown for blue on left side (as blue facing C) of beginning area so blue has two entrances into the point and red has only one exit they can push back through.

    -shifted the large main blue choke entrance sentry spot to hopefully be a better hold for blu. There is a slight chance this makes pushing through this choke a bit harder for blu.
    -added a dropdown in front of reds final spawn to allow them quicker access to the point but at a height disadvantage

    Some pics of new details and changes:

    20191222211600_1.jpg 20191222211712_1.jpg 20191222211917_1.jpg 20191222212428_1.jpg 20191222212442_1.jpg 20191222212509_1.jpg 20191222212612_1.jpg 20191222212620_1.jpg 20191222212647_1.jpg
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