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attack/defend control point

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    I knew the previous version of B was a little awkward but I really didnt feel like fixing or changing it. However in the last test of osiris I had a really annoying underlying feeling there was something not right/fun about B. I said to myself "I feel like all ive done is die in a hallway". But I ignored it because I just wanted to finish the map. However towards the end of the test one of the players in the match said over the mic: "attacking B just feels like picking one of three hallways to go down".

    Its hard for me to ignore confirmation in a test like that so therefore I did one last edit to B and im happy and confident about it. The next map version will have a skybox and all the final details I have planned.



    (orientation being blu facing B)
    -left side short range area is both opened up and simplified
    -left side short range area has a holding spot that should be very good for blu
    -Added left side holding area ledge that views B mid and point
    -removed an entire flank that went around the short range area
    -right side one way door flank was given a 64 unit tall ledge platform to give blu a little help from being overrun once they go through the door
    -removed right side sand hill area building
    -raised right side sand hill displacements to be a blu advantage (I hope lel)
    -added a ladder to ledge inside blu choke into B so they dont have to go around to get inside the choke
    -added a small bridge to right side area near point so blu doesnt have to go around to gain access to the point


    -I might add a dropdown in the next version to let red get to the point just a little faster at the expense of entering the area lower rather than at a height advantage

    20191006143058_1.jpg 20191006143404_1.jpg 20191006143436_1.jpg
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