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    Okay, change of plans!

    About two or three map versions ago I started to noticed a much higher than normal rate of rounds with complete blu team steamrolls over the whole map. Having just fixed the map being in a state of red holds every round it was definitely a little frustrating to realize. I was hoping the phenomenon was based in lack of map knowledge (new players in tests or map changes etc) but after almost 4-5 tests in a row on different servers/communities resulting in the same behavior its almost impossible to think its not the maps fault anymore. :p

    All of the issues I noticed in playtests pointed to the problem area being specifically just the immediate area around B and red teams approach to it compared to blus.

    So I moved the location of the B point and redesigned the surrounding area to give red a LOAD more advantages/options. I also slightly changed the cap times for A and B a bit to hopefully give red an easier time defending B. I gave red a LOT of advantages this version - maybe too many we will see - but id rather stop this blu steamroll in its tracks than to make changes that barely effect it.

    -Reduced cap time from 25 seconds to 22 seconds. The hope here is the shorter cap time reduces the strength of the "blu steamroll ball" that forms on the point as its being capped.

    -Moved the point from on top of one of the side pillars to the center of the area in between the two main architectural buttresses
    -increased cap time from 12 seconds to 16 seconds (this will be first to get lowered if my changes are too red strong)
    -Gave red direct covered access to the point
    -Added a very strong elevated sentry spot immediately above the point which can only be out-ranged via the far right (as red facing B) flank routes
    -thinned the entire right side (as red facing B) to contain players a little better.
    -Added a large window in the doors immediately behind the point so both red and blu can keep an eye on each other while capping or defending.
    -Refined the left (as red facing B) side to be both a potential red forward holding spot and a blue forward holding spot via opening it up and blocking off sniper sightlines into and out of the area.

    Woof thats a lot of new red advantages heh.

    Pics of new stuff:

    20190401130651_1.jpg 20190401130755_1.jpg 20190401130811_1.jpg 20190401130850_1.jpg
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