Orleans A5

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-Altered the open window between Blu's spawn and Point A to instead be a small skyway with windows aligned with the payload track, in order to (hopefully) have the route flow toward A better (and it let me put a clip on to to block flying players).
-Fixed how the cart is enabled and disabled at the wooden gate
-Took the lower route to D from the two-story metal building and altered it to redirect to the payload track instead
-Took the upper route (nearby the previous bullet's route) and made it closed off until the cart passes a point at the top of the hill at D (the door and that particular point on the track are labeled with matching star stencils, plus, the point has a wire running from it to the door)
-Extremely minor detailing???? (also D isn't dev textures anymore either lmao)

-Made the interior of the route to the railing balcony at C one-way to prevent deep flanks from RED
-Straightened the payload tracks through the big doorway between A and B
-Changed the static wooden doors into a door that starts closed by default and opens when the cart gets near (the cart is halted until it fully opens)
-Removed the weird concrete mass jutting out of the ale house
-Textures (except at D, no idea what I wanna do there yet)
-Boat at A/B is a bit more complex geometry and texture-wise (still need to the control room thing, the boat is modeled after the skybox model used on Granary, Upward, and other maps)
-The area above Red's initial spawn is now completely indoors and completely inaccessible until B is capped
-The balcony at C with the railings now has a staircase leading up to it.
-A slanted roof between Blu's spawn and A no longer has clipping on top and is slightly lower down (ie, it's accessible, engineers included)

-Adjusted respawn times across the board
-Red is now force-respawned (not killed and respawned, mind you) every time a point is captured. This should make defending certain points easier.
-The caps on the sewer pipe tunnel (B to C) are now non-solid (the stack of crates going to the window into C has been rearranged to compensate)
-The sewer tunnel is not nearly as bright as it was before
-The door to the Red-favored balcony at C now closes when C is capped
-Adjusted the positions of A and C to make defense slightly easier
-Extended D to include new geometry, a longer track with no rollback zone, and the original final area rotated 90 degrees from its original position
-The one-way doors going to D now have two different textures (regular door and no-entry door, of course) in order to better convey that they are one-way doors
-The "area" at D with the balcony (with railing) is now indoors up until the sewer bars

-Probably more that I forgot



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didnt upload the newest version right
-Unlocked the door on the first floor of the ale house
-Moved point A to be in front of the aforementioned door
-Made the port/B area slightly longer and added a new building (bell tower w/ wooden gate) to increase the distance between A's new location and B
-Made the door that opens when B is capped more obvious that it's for that purpose (previously it was a well shutter door)
-Adjusted spawning locations in Red's initial spawn; made them face the door leading to A directly at the beginning, then shift to the diagonal-facing spawns when A is capped
-Made it so players inside Red's former spawn are teleported to their final spawn when B is capped (the spawn doors to the initial spawnroom are also disabled
-Fixed a door that could clip through the floor and block a path
-Made cover walls above Red's initial spawn taller to block a sightline
-Added a one-way door to the sewers connecting C to D in favor of Blu
-Made the door to the balcony between C and D one way in favor of Blu
-Added a window and a stack of crates from the side room (connected to the one-way sewer) to the Red-favored balcony at D to allow spies to climb up it and sap sentries on it
-There is also a new skill jump from the Blu-favored balcony at D that also lets you get to the Red balcony
-Lowered the water in the port to make it more obvious that it kills you
-Other minor adjustments that I probably forgot