Orleans A5

A payload rail running through a sunny port-side town.

  1. Mâché
    Had a port with a boat in it sitting in my hammer files, decided to make it a fully-realized map.

    Push the payload from the back alleys of this sunny, unnamed town, past the massive cargo shipped docked at the main port, through an arms manufacturing facility, and ending in an undisclosed (will eventually be) spytechy location in what was once the town center.

    20180807211639_1.jpg 20180807211925_1.jpg 20180807211855_1.jpg 20180807211713_1.jpg 20180807212001_1.jpg 20180807211725_1.jpg 20180807212024_1.jpg 20180807212055_1.jpg 20180807214610_1.jpg

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