Orleans A5

A payload rail running through a sunny port-side town.

  1. Textures and some other stuff

    -Textures (except at D, no idea what I wanna do there yet)
    -Boat at A/B is a bit more complex geometry and texture-wise (still need to the control room thing, the boat is modeled after the skybox model used on Granary, Upward, and other maps)
    -The area above Red's initial spawn is now completely indoors and completely inaccessible until B is capped
    -The balcony at C with the railings now has a staircase leading up to it.
    -A slanted roof between Blu's spawn and A no longer has clipping on top and is slightly lower down (ie, it's accessible, engineers included)

    20180822163656_1.jpg 20180822163715_1.jpg 20180822163723_1.jpg 20180822163746_1.jpg 20180822163758_1.jpg 20180822164309_1.jpg
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