Orleans A5

A payload rail running through a sunny port-side town.

  1. A2

    -Unlocked the door on the first floor of the ale house
    -Moved point A to be in front of the aforementioned door
    -Made the port/B area slightly longer and added a new building (bell tower w/ wooden gate) to increase the distance between A's new location and B
    -Made the door that opens when B is capped more obvious that it's for that purpose (previously it was a well shutter door)
    -Adjusted spawning locations in Red's initial spawn; made them face the door leading to A directly at the beginning, then shift to the diagonal-facing spawns when A is capped
    -Made it so players inside Red's former spawn are teleported to their final spawn when B is capped (the spawn doors to the initial spawnroom are also disabled
    -Fixed a door that could clip through the floor and block a path
    -Made cover walls above Red's initial spawn taller to block a sightline
    -Added a one-way door to the sewers connecting C to D in favor of Blu
    -Made the door to the balcony between C and D one way in favor of Blu
    -Added a window and a stack of crates from the side room (connected to the one-way sewer) to the Red-favored balcony at D to allow spies to climb up it and sap sentries on it
    -There is also a new skill jump from the Blu-favored balcony at D that also lets you get to the Red balcony
    -Lowered the water in the port to make it more obvious that it kills you
    -Other minor adjustments that I probably forgot

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