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Original a24

Made by Sgt Frag

  1. Sgt Frag

    Cp_original (working title)

    Gravel pit styled Control Point map.

    All timers, walk distances match GP's - a few seconds. All 'fighting areas' very close in size to GP's. Spawn times are somewhere around half.

    Main difference is C is inside a building, possibly easier to defend. To counter this once A and B are capped Blu gets a shortcut through the C gate that cuts run time in half compared to GP (instead of going through A or B you go straight to C).

    So far it seems to be about 50/50 wins average. But every test has played out drastically different. (some big changes have been made to almost every tested version )


    1. 12988716090Cpoint.jpg
    2. cp_original_a6.jpg
    3. cp_original_a170000.jpg
    4. cp_original_a170001.jpg
    5. cp_original_a170004.jpg
    6. Cpoint.jpg