Ordinance A7a

An abandoned Mann Co missile silo is perched near a cliff. Both Red and Blu want control of it.

  1. Packing Issue Fixed (Hopefully)

    Had to replace some textures and props until further notice. Couldn't get them to pack no matter how hard I tried. The screenshots are false advertising for now, until A8.
  2. Major Visual Changes + Minor Fixes

    -Changed the outside theme from badlands-colored mountains to gray-color mountains
    -Turned the yard ground brushes between mid and houses into displacements
    -Swapped the locations of the medium packs nearest the cliff, downgraded the lonely ammo pack to a small, and added a wooden balcony under the new location of the medium ammo and health pair, equipped with a safety barrier
    -Moved the Gentleman Cactus into Blu's spawn (and no more spire)
    -Changed the three-window towers at the...
  3. Minor changes (except for one)

    -Added a decorative skyway connecting the main mid building to a new rectangular building in the middle of the death pit to prevent jumping classes from jumping between opposite ends of the map in an instant
    -Added an inaccessible balcony with a door at mid to complement the skyway
    -Upgraded small ammo packs near the cliff into mediums and moved them closer to the cliff
    -Merged the small ammos next to mid into one medium (might've actually done this in A5, can't remember)
  4. Textures and some other stuff

    -Added textures because why the hell not.
    -Changed the small ammo near the point into two small ammos. I was afraid to have any more ammo than one small near the point, but it's also right next to a death pit, so it might balance out. If it balances better than I thought, I'll merge them into a medium pack.
    -Added a small ammo between the long rock prop (3 rocks in a line) and the cliff face on each side of the map.
    -Changed the rock just outside the main entrances to mid...
  5. Theme change and other smaller changes

    -Changed name from koth_observatory to koth_ordinance
    -New theme: no longer an observatory with a huge telescope, it is now a missile silo (the ordinance). The doomsday rocket will be used as a placeholder for now. The missile is vertical (instead of diagonal), and players can fall down the missile shaft and die. This should hopefully make for better (or, at least, more interesting) gameplay on mid.
    -The hole on the ceiling at mid has been moved to compensate for the new design, and...
  6. Minor(ish) changes


    -Made an actual ramp up to the upper outside door to mid, instead of just having climbable rocks
    -Added a small health kit to the first floor of the ramp room
    -Added a small set of windows on the main wall of the mid building to give players inside the building a new attack angle while also giving snipers and spammers on the roofs of the team-sided buildings more of a purpose for being up there
    -To prevent a nasty sightline, a cover wall has been added across from each pair of...
  7. Stuff Updated a bit

    -Changed up the side ramp rooms at mid
    -Added an extra doorway on a new cliff just above the medium packs outside
    -Opened the closed window
    -Added a small health to the top
    -Changed the colors of the metal to be team-colored
    -Added a small ammo to the 3-window room at the team-sided buildings
    -Adjusted the height of a lipped building to make it more obvious that its roof is inaccessible
    -Changed one-way doors to be more obvious and updated spawn doors to match their...