Operandi A14

Alpine payload paying homage to Process and Gorge.

  1. It's Been a Long Time

    I don't remember half the things I changed this version, but let's see how much I can remember.

    -Adjusted lights to be warm or cool in certain areas (instead of flat white)
    -Tons of detailing adjustments/additions
    -Added a forward spawn for RED for just defending A
    -Removed doorway connecting Last to A due to previous change rendering it unnecessary
    -Changed ramp connecting crane room to pre-B courtyard into a dropdown w/ railing due to previous change, and to discourage BLU travel directly to RED's forward as well as encouraging RED travel through A before reaching BLU's spawn courtyard
    -Added well shutter onto tracks after C that stays open once the cart gets near in order to block a sightline and discourage BLU travel into Last before C is capped
    -Adjusted doorway near slightly open window at C to block another sightline
    -Added dropdown passage from giant window room to deeper into Last

    Probably want to test this iteration with minimal changes for a bit due to the length of time between A13 and the last playtest of this map.
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